Nativa Lab is founded. The vision of radical innovation in economic paradigms comes to life. Nativa Lab is one of the key actors fostering this transformation.



Nativa is incorporated, it is the first prototype of a company having "Happiness and regeneration of society and biosphere" as its core purposes.


The Nike innovation model, developed with The Natural Step, redefines the rules of the game in the entire sports shoes, apparel and equipment industry.


The Interface Model inspires the evolution of thousands of businesses.


Founding of The Natural Step in Sweden, by oncologist Karl-Henrik Robèrt, under the patronage of King Carl XVI Gustaf.

1.5 MY BC

Opposable thumb, the first technology.

Nativa fosters a new economic paradigm by blending Evolution Principles into the DNA of existing businesses, to help them innovate towards future-proof models, and by creating new startups, products, and services which are regenerative by design.

We are a Benefit Corporation™

Nativa is a Benefit Corporation and the first Certified B Corp in Italy, one of the first globally. Our purpose it to create a net positive impact on society, the biosphere, and the economy.

We are The Natural Step Inside

Nativa is born and evolves around the framework for innovation guided by sustainability principles coded by the international non profit The Natural Step, a leader in this field since 1989.

We Value Happiness

“Nativa’s purpose is to contribute to growing the happiness of all its people….”(Read Nativa’s Statute, Art. 2). Download our lastest report


Premio Sviluppo Sostenibile 2014

Con orgoglio annunciamo che Nativa è stata segnalata tra le prime 10 migliori aziende nella sezione Start up per la Green Economy del Premio Sviluppo Sostenibile 2014


Nativa has developed a revolutionary software platform – based on The Natural Step research - to allow the analysis and design of future-proof products. The platform allows multiple actors, across entire supply chains, to cooperate and ‘speak the same language’ about future proof products and services.


Creating a luxury shoe prototype. Prototyping is at the core of our activity. With a top luxury brand, Nativa analyzed 168 evolution parameters of a top luxury shoe model. Within 3 months, Nativa designed and created the XXI century luxury shoe.